2017 Grad Programme Tour signs off

Explore Assurity 10 June 2017 Aron Chantelau

This year’s Graduate Programme Tour spanned 12 events across NZ, giving graduates the opportunity to take up our Crowd Testing challenge ‘Do.You.Dig.IT.All?’.

A total of 217 graduates registered to complete the challenges of testing real-world software in the form of Enspiral Dev Academy and New Zealand Red Cross’s websites to support both organisations in understanding how usable their websites were. This was also a perfect opportunity for participants and future graduates to discover if our Grad Programme and a career in software testing was for them by giving them a taste of user research and testing.

Fifty-one graduates completed the Enspiral Dev Academy challenge and 40 graduates the final Crowd Testing challenge with New Zealand Red Cross with all feedback currently under review.

We will be contacting all participants in the very near future, to share feedback and also to contact the winner of each competition for their ‘most valuable feedback’.

We’ve also been working through our July intake selection process and will be selecting the final four graduates shortly. We met with a diverse range of individuals, all of whom had invested a lot of time getting to know our business and the world of software testing. It is always an extremely rewarding experience for those involved in the selection process to interact and engage with bright, enthusiastic graduates who are exploring their first career move.

We also now start reviewing applications for our January 2018 intake, with applications for this closing on 14June for those interested.

So we sign off with a thank you to all involved and, for those who were not successful in their application, remember that no interview is a bad interview but simply a great learning experience and opportunity to learn, adapt and improve.