A marathon effort

Explore Assurity 25 June 2012

Always up for a challenge, our team have put on their running shoes in recent months to raise money for various charities. And we've been right behind them sponsoring their efforts.

Wellington-based staff took the scenic route in February for the Round the Bays 7km half marathon while colleagues in Auckland ran their socks off in the Orewa Beach half marathon in April.

Their efforts raised a much-needed $1,100 for the Wellington City Mission, helping the charity replenish its food stores.

Wellington-based staff hit the streets again in June and competed in the Armstrong Motor Group Wellington Marathon.

Congratulations to our marathon runners…

Wellington Round The Bays 21km runner

  • Ron Meloche

Wellington Round The Bays 7km runners

  • Simon Anderson
  • Simon Lin
  • Connie Dunbar
  • Andre Lazelle
  • Nigel Charman & Family
  • Sam Senanyake
  • Tina Rowe
  • Rodger Perkins
  • Adam Howard
  • Justin Dykes
  • Alex Vitry
  • Mike Summers
  • Stephen Mair
  • Shyam Tumuluri
  • Garth & Anni Hamilton
  • Sophie Hamilton
  • Holger Hempe

Auckland Orewa Beach 10.5km runners

  • Olinka Goel
  • Peter Pender
  • Nesta Fedrizzi-Jones

Auckland Orewa Beach 5km runners

  • Lael Olver
  • Lydia Burnet
  • Darren McTigue

Auckland Orewa Support

  • Alex Thompson

Armstrong Motor Group Wellington 42km runner

  • Rodger Perkins

Armstrong Motor Group Wellington 21km runners

  • Connie Dunbar
  • Ron Meloche
  • Deanne Dollimore

Armstrong Motor Group Wellington 10km runners

  • Stephen Mair
  • Sophie Hamilton
  • Simon Lin
  • Peter Thompson
  • Simon Anderson
  • Sam Senanayake
  • Mike Summers
  • Kelly-Ann Hubbard
  • John Hurst




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