A Master Class bundle that’s packed with value

Explore Assurity 9 August 2016 Vicky Price

With the best-priced AgileNZ tickets having sold out and the price now jumping to $895+GST, the great value of our Master Class bundle just got better and better – one ticket for Conference on 29-30 November, plus the option of one of two two-day courses by one of the keynote speakers – Jeff Patton and Joshua Kerievsky – for just $2600 (+GST).

Both of the Master Classes – Passionate Product Owner by Jeff and Continuous Deployment by Joshua – will be held after Conference on 1-2 December in Auckland.

Passionate Product Owner by Jeff Patton

This course focuses on using product design and Agile thinking to create great products. A certified Scrum Product Ownership course, it blends solid product management, user experience design, and design thinking into a collaborative team-based approach to Scrum product ownership. This isn’t just a course about filling the product ownership role in Scrum. It’s a course that teaches the practices you and your team need to create successful products. 

Continuous Deployment by Joshua Kerievsky

In this intensive two-day workshop, Joshua shares his experience of Continuous Deployment. You'll learn how to understand essential Continuous Deployment basics, gain a working vocabulary of the Build-Test-Deploy pipeline and learn how to incrementally release features and schema changes – among others. Find out more and book.