A new venture. And a new approach for software development

Explore Assurity 19 August 2014 Garth Hamilton

I’m delighted to announce that Assurity is launching a new venture with three members of our Lean|Agile team. Here’s what’s happening… 

The new venture – HYPR

Gillian Clark, Gareth Evans and Todd Brackley have been working, with our involvement, on creating a Lean|Agile software development business aimed at organisations that want to deliver new ideas and solutions for their customers in days, not months.

As Assurity has grown, we’ve been careful to keep focused on building services that improve software outcomes. We have always believed that we can do this best as an independent consultancy – i.e. our advice and testing services are independent of the writing of software. Development is not something we want to do because it doesn’t fit with Assurity’s brand or vision.

Having said that, we do believe there is an opportunity for supporting a new business that could fully deliver software projects in new and innovative ways. The specialised, niche offer of the proposed business is a very good idea and we are proud that Assurity can foster and support such thinking by our team.

We’ve chosen to establish a Joint Venture company under a new name ‘HYPR Innovation Limited’. HYPR will be based out of our Auckland office for the near future and HYPR and Assurity will support each other on project delivery when and where appropriate.

A new approach for software development

HYPR will focus on using Lean|Agile techniques to build software. They will take client ideas quickly from idea development to delivered code. The concept is to help companies develop working software in days, and pivot to new ideas in hours.

To support this, HYPR has developed an innovative software platform based on lean architecture that reduces complexity and requires far less code. We have been testing this at a client in Auckland and seen the need for 80% less code.

This new platform, together with the Lean|Agile techniques that Assurity has been promoting, offers a new approach to rapidly delivering working software.