A visual revolution

Explore Assurity 28 April 2015 Joanna Yip

Our Lean Testing practitioners use visual models in the field to deliver better testing outcomes across our client base.

We have introduced visual modelling as a test technique in 11 software development teams, creating positive change at 40% of our clients – and that number continues to grow.

By using visual models, we prepare our testing with greater efficiency and that means that we can spend more time actively investigating the product. It allows us to conduct more thorough testing and discover more – and more diverse – bugs than is possible with traditional methods.

What's more, this technique helps us make our testing more transparent and accessible so we can bring our clients’ teams on the journey, ensuring they know the status of testing from the get-go – and have a deeper understanding of the testing taking place.

Our practitioners have broad experience using visual models to help a range of project teams. Whether it’s in Agile or more traditional environments, we tailor our approach to meet clients’ project needs.