Agile values

Explore Assurity 1 September 2014 Ceedee Doyle

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools – how much are we 'walking our emails', talking to people outside the team rather than sending communiques, updating the wiki rather than talking to people, relying on Jira/Word rather than discussing as a team the content of a story?

Working software over comprehensive documentation – is each piece Done, working, usable and ready for production? There is NO MORE work to be done on it. Is there Just Enough supporting work to ensure it's got the '-ilities' built into it?

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation – Does your customer understand and trust you? Do they see the pain you're experiencing? Are the true stakeholders 'with' you? How do they get involved? How do you get their feedback?

Responding to change over following a plan – Does everyone know the guiding goal? What you are trying to achieve? if the goal changes do you know about it? How easily could the business pivot direction? is the stuff you built able to support changing needs? If we were to stop today, would there be any 'loose ends'?

What can you do today to be one step closer to true agility?