Always happy to support software testing innovators

Explore Assurity 1 October 2012 Simon Anderson

Who are the free thinkers of testing?

Assurity was formed at a time when the New Zealand software testing market was quite immature. The market was dominated by recruitment companies with little interest in the software testing domain, other than the transactional return of placing a tester. Assurity, along with a few other local companies, changed that. We felt it could be done better. We brought innovation to the market. The market liked it and consequently changed.

Do the innovators become dominant to become conservative?

In June 2012 the second Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing was held. There was a fair amount of Twitter and blogging activity in the lead-up. At the time, a couple of phrases caught my eye such as “Few, if any invites from body shop organisations” and “While they may have some talented testers, these companies tend to pay lip service to thought leadership”.

I initially took some offence to these references. Was I not part of an innovative organisation? Then I got defensive. Did I work for a body shop? Then I saw beyond that. While not wholeheartedly agreeing with the sentiments and feeling they were being provocative, I also saw a group of practitioners wanting to improve their domain. If you are in the domain, how could you not applaud and support that?

Being innovative does not mean always being right. It does mean you are challenging the status quo and at Assurity we salute that. While we may not always adopt some of these new ideas as early as some – or even adopt or agree with them at all – we are certainly interested in them. We also recognise that free thinking needs to be unmoderated for it to truly form. So we are always happy to support the software testing innovators.

When the opportunity came up to support another innovation from the collective who had delivered KWST, we jumped on it and quickly agreed to its content and attendees… who would be unmoderated. And not only is Assurity supporting the events but we’re also very interested in their outputs and will be publishing a thought piece from each session here.

So are you a testing free thinker? Do you believe in innovation in your domain? Like pizza and beer? If so, sign up on the WeTest Workshops Meetup website. The first of the bi-monthly workshops will take place on Thursday 25 October.