Assurity announces Chef partnership

Explore Assurity 26 April 2016 Nigel Charman

Assurity is pleased to announce a partnership with Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps.

Chef automates infrastructure as code, making it safer and quicker to set up, configure and manage IT environments. By automating Infrastructure as Code, Chef eliminates manual tasks, saving time and reducing errors. Configuration drift from non-compliant nodes is automatically corrected. Furthermore, Chef Compliance scans the entire IT infrastructure and creates easy to understand reports on compliance issues, security risks and out-of-date software.

Assurity is a reseller for the Chef software and provides consulting and education services around Chef, complementing our existing DevOps and Testing services, for both small and large-scale organisations.

Senior Consultant Mrinal Mukherjee implemented IT Infrastructure automation using Chef at one of the leading global retail organisations for their online channel. Using Chef, he implemented ‘Infrastructure as Code’ which helped reduce the set-up time for new environments from a few months to just a few minutes. By ensuring that an environment could be rebuilt from scratch complying to a standard infrastructure blueprint using Chef cookbooks, he was able to drastically reduce the number of infrastructure-specific downtimes – thus ensuring a higher availability of the digital application and a better end-user experience.