Assurity becomes a Silver Sponsor of IIBA

Explore Assurity 5 March 2013 Will Parker

As well as the support we give to the Quality Assurance, testing and Agile delivery spaces, Assurity has also become an IIBA – International Institute of Business Analysis – sponsor.

Why bridge the gap across the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)? Simply put, to deliver clear business value through “Better analysis. Better testing. Better delivery. Better outcomes”.

We all know the wailing and gnashing of teeth that comes without a universal understanding of ‘the goal’ or how the clear business value is of benefit to them.  Regardless of your plan or change-driven approach, if you can’t engage your people along the journey with clear visibility of what ‘good’ looks like, with confidence in the quality of delivery and be seen achieving better outcomes, then you know you will have a big problem in the future.

The relationship between your business analysts and QA people is key to software development success. A report from Forrester Research posits that CIOs need to ensure that their BAs and QA organisations are not only on the same page, but also singing from the same hymn sheet. Here’s what Forrester Research says about making the partnership work:

The need to develop applications that return high value at a reasonable cost is driving applications organizations to assemble highly productive teams that can deliver high-quality outcomes. Organizations are recognizing that quality software has to meet customer expectations and be testable and supportable in production environments. Success in that endeavour requires accurate, understandable requirements and an end-to-end approach to quality assurance (QA). To improve their success rates, companies are beginning to close the gap between business analysts (BAs) and quality assurance analysts by having them work in close alignment, leveraging their unique and complementary skills and focusing on building high-quality applications that deliver business value.”

In short, creating a shared and common understanding, by using the varied processes of structured thinking to deliver reliable, repeatable and consistent results that the business values.

We like that. If you are a tester, QA, Agilest or BA, this fits with what we work to achieve. The IIBA has over 30,000 members and also works to build bridges of knowledge and understanding, making it the ideal partnership.