Assurity helps treat devs to a Coderetreat

Explore Assurity 1 December 2017 Wei Hsaio & Bridgette Bell

Assurity hosted its first Coderetreat day in Auckland on 18 November as part of the Global Day of Coderetreat events.

As hosts, the goal was to cultivate an environment in which developers could develop clean code and promote creative collaboration and focused learning.

Many of Auckland’s development community got behind the day-long, intensive event that focused on practising the fundamentals of software development. Attendees took part in six 45-minute iterations of development without the pressures of ‘getting things done ‘or ‘businesses’ priorities’, working through a series of exercises together that teach and reinforce various aspects of collaborative and cross-functional development.

Each session started with a warm-up game and ended with a mini retro, during which they were asked the effect and new learnings from the constraint revealed at the start of each iteration.

The day was not about writing working code, but exploring different possible ways of writing it. The fun came in the variety of solutions and exploring the pros and cons of each.