Assurity hosts leading-edge workshops

Explore Assurity 30 July 2012

Assurity will be welcoming Cognitive Edge’s Dave Snowden and Michael Cheveldave to Auckland for two workshops – Practitioner Foundations on 27-28 August and Practitioner Advanced on 29-30 August.

With 1500 plus practitioners from more than 41 countries, Cognitive Edge provide valuable resources to organisations requiring novel and useful solutions to complex strategic and/or management changes.

The Practitioner Foundation workshop will be run by Cognitive Edge’s VP of Business Development Michael Cheveldave and Practitioner Advanced by founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dave Snowden. Dave is also renowned as creator of the Cynefin framework and a world leader in complexity science.

Attendees will learn about the underlying principles that help managers operate in the current complex business environment, as well as how to adopt new practices such as the Cynefin sense-making framework and the appropriate use of experiments.

The Cynefin framework allows executives to see things from new viewpoints, assimilate complex concepts, and address real-world problems and opportunities. Using the approach, leaders learn to define the framework with examples from their own organization’s history and scenarios of its possible future.

Assurity’s Agile Consulting Manager Gillian Clark says, “We often encounter organisations that are adopting Agile and Lean ways of working by implementing a series of recipe-based training programmes. While this approach can deliver some of the benefits of Agile and Lean, it will not truly be successful, or scale, without a clear understanding of the underlying principles.”

The question is, is it enough for you to simply apply a standard recipe to get the results you want? Or is your role more akin to that of a chef who needs the theoretical and practical wisdom to be able to take what’s in the fridge and create a restaurant-quality meal?

These workshops will be of interest to those in leadership roles who can apply the principles to the modern world of business, dominated by the influence of Taylor's Scientific Method for the last 100 years. It is based on the assumption that we live in a world where cause and effect can be determined for future events. As the pace of modern society has increased, more pressure has been exerted on these assumptions and they’re now at breaking point. Complexity science represents the greatest revolution in management theory in the last 100 years.

As valuable customers to Assurity, we have negotiated an extra discount that you can use when registering for either one (or both) of the Cognitive Edge classes. When registering and paying, use the Promotional Code Assurity-CE-NZ-2012-Z249.

This will discount either on top of the Early Bird attendance cost OR the Standard attendance cost (after Early Bird finishes - NOTE The Standard cost is quite a bit higher priced).  Please note:  The Early Bird attendance price ends August 12th.

Group Discount - If you're coming in a group, there is also a group discount available. Pay full price for 3 seats get the fourth seat free (effectively a 35% discount off 4 seats). This Group Discount is available for both early Bird and Standard pricing.

Watch a video of Dave Snowden describing the Cynefin framework.