Assurity to talk Lean at PMINZ

Explore Assurity 2 July 2012

Assurity’s Steve Hilson and Simon Anderson will be running a two-hour interactive workshop at the 2012 Project Management Conference on 26 September.

Project managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, students and others interested in project management will attend PMINZ between 24 and 26 September at the Wellington Convention Centre.

The workshop – “How ‘Lean’ Can Help Relieve Resource Constraints” – is part of a line-up of further interactive workshops, master classes, presentation of papers and panel discussions and is expected to attract up to 150 attendees.

Steve and Simon will kick off the session with anecdotal stories of both traditional and Agile projects which illustrate how people switching between projects has increased the risk of failure, regardless of the project methodology used.

This will be reinforced with a simple yet powerful context switching exercise for all attendees, the results of which will then be reviewed and discussed by the group, along with a brainstorm on how they would address this risk. Visible workspaces will also be introduced to show how they can highlight the hidden problems of context switching.

The next practical exercise has been designed to highlight the risk of how a task-oriented command and control structure causes project delays. For this, the attendees will divide themselves into groups of three made up of a commander and two drones. The commander has to guide the drones around an obstacle course (of chairs) as quickly as possible and will then be invited to discuss the outcomes. They will also be shown some ‘program code’ and asked if they understand it, the subtext being that if they don’t, why did they their teams to do tasks that they’ve dreamt up in isolation?

Finally, the teams will need to build a simple model aircraft that flies – some teams will be self-organised and the others will have to follow a set of tasks (a schedule). At the end of the session, the number of items will be reviewed for quality and completeness. The workshop will finish with a summary and Q&A session.