Auckland APN Event - Engaging new starters with Agile

Explore Assurity 20 June 2012

Are you introducing change in an organization? Are you working with a team “going agile”? Early on, people are trying to figure out how it will impact them in their role and if they have the skills required. Just as importantly, they also need to know the mechanics of the process including what meetings and when, with who, and for what outcomes.

We have developed a kick-off session that first leads the team through the process (in cartoon format) and, second, makes them get up out of their chairs to experience it in action on a day-by-day basis.

By breaking up the session this way, we also find this helps widen who asks questions and about what. So as part of the lightning talk, we’re going to get you involved! Some of you will take the role of the team, and we’ll walk through the steps reflecting on the process at the end.

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