Building on our BA practice

Explore Assurity 20 April 2015 Luke Johnstone

Luke Johnstone, Business Analysis Practice Lead, is responsible for our BA practice and team of nine BA’s. Having just completed their EOY reviews, he talks about where our BA practice is at and what’s next…

Before holding end of year performance reviews with our team of BA’s, we ask our clients and peers for feedback, as well as asking each consultant to assess their performance, rate themselves and justify their rating.

Our BA practice is made up of high-performing individuals who clients love. We know this from client feedback, as well as because they often extend engagements and invite them back to work on other projects once another is completed. Sometimes they offer them jobs, which, while a bit naughty, we take as a compliment!

All of the team were genuinely happy with the positive feedback. They could be forgiven for becoming a bit arrogant and take good news for granted, but this is never the case because they’re humble people who love to delight clients and get immense satisfaction from knowing their work is valued.

As Assurity’s Christchurch BA Practice Lead, I need to make sure that our consultants continue to be challenged and therefore motivated to do their best work.

So as we start the new year, we are looking at growing the BA practice and developing new service lines to encourage the continued development and improvement of our team, as well as continuing to provide valued outcomes for our clients.