Change! And it seems not a moment too soon...

New Thinking 7 April 2015

Mike Talks, presenter of the recent WeTest Wellington workshop on 'Change! And it seems not a moment too soon...', gives an overview of the workshop that focused on bringing change to testing projects...

There’s nothing that scares us more as human beings than change. We may be all too aware that our current method isn’t perfect, but once people start talking about altering that, we suddenly become very conscious that things could get a lot worse.

And we’re absolutely right. Things could. But I’ll let you into a little professional secret… things could also get a lot better. It’s something that, as professional testers, we all feel driven to do. We want to deliver a service that’s relevant and delivers value, over just taking our cheque and maintaining the status quo until retirement.

On Thursday 26 March, WeTest Wellington explored the subject of change, using the experience and war stories within the room. Our discussion explored:

  • If you don’t change something, nothing will change. This quote is used by personal trainers, but it’s true for any area of change
  • Before you suggest change, first attempt to understand the systems you currently have. At some point, it made perfect sense to those implementing it. Have things changed? Is it still relevant?
  • No matter how dysfunctional the old way is, there will be some who feel it’s sacred
  • Try to lead change by getting those affected involved. Help them to feel it’s their change, not yours
  • Change sometimes needs to be daring and even a little scary. Otherwise, how will you be able to notice a difference?
  • Always try and win managers and customers to your suggested change – be prepared to sell it to them
  • It’s hard to sell change to anyone unless you have built up trust and a reputation for delivering
  • People can feel fatigued and undermined by change. Especially if they feel it’s imposed on them

The next WeTest Wellington workshop takes place at our Wellington office on Thursday 7 May at 5.30pm when Katrina Clokie presents a two-hour, hands-on workshop on 'Become someone who makes things happen'. The session will be a rehearsal of material that Katrina will present at Nordic Testing Days in Estonia in June.