Charity-IT is at IT again!

Explore Assurity 31 March 2014

Following the success of the inaugural Charity-IT Hackathon in December, we are sponsoring the second event to be held in Wellington on 11-13 April… and it needs IT professionals like you!

In one weekend, you can help charities solve their IT problems or improve processes such as:

  • Update their website
  • Provide guidance on an existing technology platform
  • Optimise an existing IT system
  • Add new functionality to a website/application
  • Develop a proof of concept for a charity to support a funding application

These events are a great opportunity for you to:

  • Use your skills for good cause and make a difference,
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Test or try out new skills
  • Get outside of your comfort zone

In one weekend, you could help make the world a better place. Register here… and don’t forget your laptop.

Find out more on the Charity-IT website.