ChefConf 2017 marks launch of new updates

New Thinking 14 June 2017 Mrinal Mukherjee

The annual ChefConf was held in Austin, USA from 22-24 May and, along with fantastic tech presentations, keynotes and workshops, Chef announced a slew of new updates including the following…

The Chef Automate package, built on the company’s widely used open source, self-named IT automation software, now includes capabilities for security and compliance checking, as well as the ability to further automate the process of assembling and updating container-based applications. The company has also released a number of plugins to extend compliance checking operations into the AWS, Azure and VMware vSphere-based cloud services.

The InSpec software has also been updated to work with cloud deployments. Three new incubation projects – InSpec AWS, InSpec Azure and InSpec vSphere – provide a set of APIs for scanning cloud deployments to check for vulnerabilities and compliance. 

Chef has rolled Habitat into Automate and continues to develop the technology. This year sees a set of helper functions called Habitat Scaffolding which speed the containerisation of apps built in Ruby on Rails, Go and Node.js (with other languages and frameworks to follow). 

To further speed the deployment process, the company has also introduced Habitat Plans, a set of plans to quickly roll out system software for a variety of common-use scenarios. 

For more info and to access the keynote presentations, see the ChefConf website.