DevOps – end-to-end caring

New Thinking 17 May 2016 Nigel Charman

As the take-up of DevOps continues at pace across the world, there's still a debate raging about precisely what it is and what it's not. We watch (and engage) in that debate and share the opinions among our team. This article by Peter Brookes-Smith, Group MD of Objectivity, struck a chord with us. Simply put, he argues that "End-to-end responsibility makes people care more" and that "the DevOps journey starts with smart, responsible people who care about all the stakeholders, are empowered and have the resources to make a difference".

He offers a great example of what happens when that's not the case. Today, and in the future, the need for people to care about the products they're releasing will be the difference between a high-performing organisation and an increasingly irrelevant one.