DevOpsDays is a sell-out success

Explore Assurity 3 October 2016 Nigel Charman

Last week, DevOpsDays came to Wellington for the first time, a sell-out conference sponsored by Assurity. First held in Ghent, Belgium in 2009, the conference coined the term 'DevOps' and, as the DevOps movement has grown, the conference has now expanded to 40 locations this year.

DevOpsDays combines a unique blend of presentations, five-minute ignite talks and open space sessions. Run by local volunteers, the conference combines international and local, experienced and novice speakers with the aim of growing the local DevOps community.

With the theme in Wellington this year being 'Continuous Improvement', most of the sessions focused on the culture of DevOps. This made for a really inclusive conference, bringing together a range of disciplines and experiences aiming for a common goal. The videos will be well-worth watching when they are published online soon.

As well as being a sponsor, Assurity staff played their part with Mrinal Mukherjee rocking his first ever ignite talk, a number of staff being involved in open space sessions and Nigel Charman helping organise the conference and introduce the open spaces.

The conference was a huge success thanks to the delegates, speakers, sponsors and organisers and has laid a strong foundation for future DevOps events in NZ. With all 175 tickets sold out weeks beforehand and great feedback from those who attended, the conference is looking to be bigger in the future. As it grows, the challenge will be scaling the fantastic community spirit that developed this year.