Diana talks tech at St Bernard’s College in Wellington

Explore Assurity 23 August 2017 staff

Assurity’s Diana Omuoyo presented a technical session to a class of 22 Year 9 students at St Bernard’s College earlier this month as part of ITP’s TechHub in Schools initiative. Her presentation covered the fundamentals of HTML and JavaScript languages, coupled with hands-on coding practice.

The students worked through the coding exercises, finalising the basics before end of class. “They were excited to write actual code, remained very engaged and were ultimately thrilled to have built their first ‘website’” says Diana.

Diana was invited to the school after attending a presentation at Assurity by an ITP delegate. Passionate about technology and STEM initiatives, she had been looking to get involved in programmes that support and promote such initiatives in Wellington. So she immediately signed up as a volunteer presenter and mentor for TechHub, the in-school presentations being the core component of the TechHub programme.

“It was a great experience” says Diana. “The on-site coordinator and students made me feel very welcome and at ease and that certainly contributed to the success of the presentation. I will most certainly be dedicating more time to supporting the programme”.