DLNZ looks to the future

Explore Assurity 23 September 2016 staff

Ben Hayman, GM Service Development, and Digital Leaders Network NZ facilitator has written an article for digileaders.com called 'Agile culture and organisational immune systems' which highlights the difficulty people have in understanding what culture change in organisations really means.

As DLNZ approaches the end of its launch year, the organisation – which is focused on helping leaders in NZ's public and private sectors to create sustainable digital transformation – recently polled its members to define which topics they would like DLNZ to focus on. This activity shed light on how members see Agile and its relationship to culture change.

Ben writes "Our local NZ context is that we need to sustain transformation in a small economy with a natural tendency for partnerships and “getting stuff done”. Being a place that’s had to invent and fix things – rather than purchase product from well stocked easily, reached marketplaces – it’s very much a part of our DNA. That said, we also know that, in many ways, NZ has a poor track record of managing businesses well. We are often a fair bit behind the curve, internationally, in terms for maturity of things like Agile and Digital. So we have much to learn in order to improve".

Members came up with a number of themes to explore and improve this situation, the most important being:

  • Organisational Immune Systems
  • Leading differently
  • Making learning the organisational priority

Read the full article here.

Assurity is a Corporate Partner of DLNZ in 2016.