Doing it at scale in practice

Explore Assurity 2 July 2014 Ceedee Doyle

This fabulous video from Agilest extraordinaire Henrik Kneiberg has a whole lot of great examples of what we're aiming for when scaling Agile. Many of these aspects we're working towards putting in practice here at Xero. Some of it may seem like a pipe dream right now, but you'll be surprised what we can do if we keep making small changes and making visible the things that are holding us back.

Things that prick up my ears:

• They have doubled in size every year

• Start with solid standard Scrum and then modify

• Many independent systems with clear interfaces and protocols

• Small cross-functional teams

• Be a good citizen – Xero's overall mission is more important than any individual team, the team's overall mission is more important than any individual member

• Small frequent, decoupled releases

Think about it for your retro. Never know what to put in the 'lightbulb' area of the grid? Lots of ideas here! What small piece of this could we start to do for the next sprint?