Don Reinertsen brings Lean Product Development to Auckland

Explore Assurity 31 October 2015 Vicky Price

Update: This workshop is now SOLD OUT!

Don Reinertsen is heading to Auckland to deliver his two-day workshop on Lean Product Development on 14-15 December – with bookings now open.

The intensive workshop – to be held at Cliftons in Queen Street – presents the practical, economically justifiable approaches for applying lean methods in product development.

Don will introduce attendees to the science and a few practical methods of Lean Product Development, drawing on ideas from a variety of domains including queueing theory, telecommunication network design, computer operating systems and lean manufacturing. It's intended to provide a solid exposure to some of the most important ideas of second-generation lean product development.

The agenda

  • Developing an Economic Framework: How to quantify the financial impact of improvements in cycle time, cost and quality
  • Managing Queues: How to control the invisible and unmanaged queues that hurt cycle time, efficiency and quality
  • Understanding Variability: How to reduce the economic damage done by variability while keeping the benefits of innovation
  • Reducing Batch Size: Using batch size reduction as tool to reduce queues and improve feedback
  • Applying WIP Constraints: How WIP constraints and other WIP control strategies improve cycle time, efficiency and quality
  • Controlling Flow: Using cadence, synchronisation, and work sequencing to improve flow
  • Using Fast Feedback: How to design feedback and control systems that make a difference
  • Decentralising Control: Balancing the advantages of centralised and decentralised control

Don is President of Reinertsen & Associates, a consulting firm specialised in the management of product development. He has worked with leading product development organisations for 30+ years and is the author/co-author of three best-selling books on product development, his latest awarding-winning book The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development being praised as “quite simply the most advanced product development book you can buy".

Find out more and book your ticket now. Get a 10% discount by booking your early-bird ticket more than one month in advance for $1800. Full-priced tickets are $2000 per person.