Edwin becomes world’s first fully licensed Agility Path Engagement Manager

Explore Assurity 26 August 2013

Assurity Education Consulting Manager Edwin Dando has become the first fully licensed Agility Path Engagement Manager (EM) in the world, the only EM in the Asia-Pacific region and one of just six worldwide.

Agility Path EM’s are experts in Scrum and Agile transformation at enterprise level who work with managers to implement sustainable business practices for competitive advantage. They work in a continuous feedback loop with organisations to analyse key metrics and implement best practices in an incremental, sustainable fashion in the particular business area that needs strengthening.

An EM is a resource, recommending appropriate trainers, coaches, tools and function-specific consultants to help managers implement agile practices throughout the organisation.

Ken Schwaber and Scrum.org created Agility Path as an effective way to continuously improve an organisation’s current position. Agility Path is a framework within which an enterprise can manage the adoption of Scrum, control the risks and optimise its investment.

Congratulations to Edwin.