Fun at work

Explore Assurity 30 October 2014 Ceedee Doyle

One of the signs of a truly high-functioning team is the amount of fun people are having. Team spirit comes out when the team is happy working together.

A team (generally) gets happy working together when they are delivering and getting good feedback. Sometimes, little things can become the catalyst to the team relaxing, gelling and becoming stronger in those tough times.

Here are a few of the things we’ve seen on-site:

  • Lemon tree – a lemon gets added to any item that proves to be full of bugs/problems (incl. people!)
  • Avatar practical joke day – everyone gets a joke avatar for the day (be warned, some of these stick!)
  • Tim-Tam reward – every completed story freed another biccy from the box
  • Continuous build kitty – the continuous build messages went to a speaking kitty who named and shamed the offender if the build was broken
  • Cupcake duck – team had ‘more cake!’ on their working agreement, so the SM found a squeezy cupcake duck to use as the talking stick
  • Broke-the-build nerf gunthis famous clip
  • Lolly jar – filled by the team for the team
  • Wooden/golden spoon – goes to… the person with the stupidest gaff/comment of the week
  • Sheep of shame – last to the standup gets the sheep of shame and starts talking
  • Food – as my French colleague recently learnt ‘Cookies go a long way!’

There’s usually someone who is the social kingpin of the group. Who is it in your group? If you can’t tell, maybe it’s you! Support your teammates if they come up with something to inject a little fun into your day. It’s not all about deadlines.

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