Helping to build the future of government service delivery

Explore Assurity 2 May 2017 Ben Hayman

Assurity is proud to be hosting DIA’s Lab+ in our Wellington innovation space. Lab+ is an experiment in using a ‘government as a platform’ concept to build a new model for delivering government services. The work is part of the Better Public Services R10 agenda which aims to make digital interactions with government far easier for citizens.

The future of government service delivery?

'Government as a platform' is the idea of government information, services and rules being made available as APIs, enabling citizens' needs to be served through a diverse ecosystem of public and private sector service providers.

This is important for citizens as new technologies (web and mobile, for example) have changed their expectations about how they interact with government. Citizens increasingly expect their experience to be seamless and easy, with all the complexity of government hidden in the background.

That’s hard to achieve right now because individual agencies can’t, of course, deliver comprehensive ‘cross-agency’ experiences on their own. So a way needs to be found to change this and government believes it’s a combination of two key ideas.

First, user-centred design, which is about putting the user at the centre of the design for the service to better meet their needs. Secondly, a ‘government as a platform’ strategy using APIs and common capabilities to avoid the currently more siloed approach to delivering services.

Innovative partnering approach

DIA chose Assurity’s innovation space to host the Lab+ showcase work, while also drawing on our coaching and specialist digital delivery assistance for the teams that work there. Bringing cross-agency teams together in a shared innovation space allows them to find new ways of working, share their thinking and better explore the opportunities for improving citizen experience.

We’re also piloting a new ‘co-opetition’ model with DIA where Assurity coaches work alongside staff from other private sector digital service companies to meet a broad range of government service innovation needs within the Lab.

Come and see the Lab to find out more

An Open Lab Meetup is held every Friday from 4-5 pm on Level 3 of the Todd Building, 95 Customhouse Quay. To attend this, registrations can be made via Eventbrite. To discuss the opportunity for your team to take part in the Lab, please contact Rachel Prosser (DIA Lab Delivery Lead) on 021 0275 9023.