HP's new ALI software allows a sharper focus on quality

New Thinking 6 December 2012 Simon Anderson

I was interested to see HP's announcement today about a new version of HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) software. The new version automatically provisions development environments and advances collaboration across delivery teams. This enables developers to focus on improving application quality.

With their ALM software, HP has made big moves into supporting the full application lifecycle giving test managers, as well as development managers, visibility into the code base. This provides traceability from requirements right through to code changes.

HP has recognised what we've long been thinking at Assurity. For enterprises to remain competitive in today's fast-changing technology environment, we need more speed and more collaboration in delivery – two things that sometimes seem at odds with each other. In addition, we also need to have the visibility and traceability throughout the lifecycle that gives confidence in outcomes. Here's the announcement in full:

"With the growing adoption of mobile, agile delivery and cloud, governments and organisations must maintain modernisation and speed of developing innovative applications to maintain their competitive edge. Yet application delivery teams are often constrained by time-consuming, administrative development tasks, as well as a lack of visibility, traceability and actionable information between dependencies within the application lifecycle.

"A key component of the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform, HP ALI 2.5 helps application developers understand and prioritise tasks while minimising time needed for administrative tasks. Developers can now automatically provision development environments to accelerate delivery of new innovative applications to the business.

"The collaboration capabilities facilitated by HP ALI provide application delivery teams with visibility, predictability and intelligence that ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction. New real-time dashboards with KPIs offer development and quality managers the traceability for visualising change impact. The dashboards also give contextual insight into the health, stability and risk of new application builds across development projects and heterogeneous environments.

"New enhancements to HP ALI enable clients to:

— Reduce application cycle times with auto-provisioned development environments that create and deliver applications using a heterogeneous array of leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), Source Code Management (SCM) and build management systems including Microsoft® Visual Studio, open-source tools and Eclipse.

— Gain better visibility into data by breaking down information barriers with contextual reporting spanning the entire application lifecycle.

— Improve productivity with contextual information that enables developers to view ALM artefacts in their IDE while coding tasks, requirements, defects and test results, resulting in a clear understanding of the functionality needed by the code.

— Work across heterogeneous development tools to protect existing investments.

“'Application development and delivery teams want the freedom to work with their choice of development tools and systems, as well as a growing list of application technologies'” says Raziel Tabib, Senior Product Manager, Application Lifecycle Management, HP. “'HP ALI 2.5 delivers the auto-provisioning capabilities developers need to address the complexities of modern, heterogeneous application delivery, while reducing cycle times to ultimately accelerate business innovation.'”