Innovation in software delivery: four Workshops by global thought leaders

Explore Assurity 13 June 2014

Gojko Adzic (right), Tobias Mayer and Eric Willeke – the three keynote speakers at this year's AgileNZ Conference 2014 – will be giving pre- and post-Conference Workshops in Wellington this September.

Gojko Adzic will present a two-day Workshop on Specification By Example and a one-day Workshop on Impact Mapping. Gojko is the author of definitive books on both subjects. Specification By Example is a significant breakthrough in the software industry. One of the leading causes of software project failure is a lack of shared understanding on what we are building. SBE helps teams to collaboratively specify software using examples of how we expect the software to behave given a range of conditions.

Gojko's second Workshop is an interactive event exploring Impact Mapping. IM is a very powerful technique that helps visualise the entire scope of the system being built. It helps prevent organisations from getting lost, while delivering projects by clearly communicating assumptions, helping teams align their activities with overall business objectives and make better roadmap decisions. 

Tobias Mayer, author of The People's Scrum and creator of Business Craftsmanship, will be presenting a one-day Workshop called Adventures in Collaboration. It's a course that aims to explore how to deliver better software by creating happier teams – teams which need a trusting, engaging, collaborative and exciting environment in which to work. Tobias' fully interactive Workshop is focused on learning that is embodied, not just simply understood.

Eric Willeke, Transformation Consultant at our partner Rally Software, is an expert in helping large US organisations take Agile across an enterprise. He'll be giving a special US edition of the two-day Leading SAFe course (Scaled Agile Framework), with a focus on real-world US experience.

The courses are open to everyone, not just AgileNZ Conference attendees. Full details about all the Workshops including early bird pricing, venues, times and dates can be found at