Introducing Damien Leng to Auckland branch

Explore Assurity 28 November 2018 Hannah Mundell

As Assurity strengthens its focus on key strategies to help clients transform through New Ways of Working and Business Agility, Damien Leng joins Auckland branch as Agility Business Manager. With a passion for helping businesses scale and transform to achieve success, we asked Damien about his background and what else drives him in work and outside of it…

What’s your background?

First of all, I have absolutely no background in software development, unless you count a few years at Uni where I learned to code in Basic. I’ve spent a number of years running Marketing, Analytics, Strategy and Product teams (not Product Owners) within financial services and energy industries and most recently lead the Product, Solutions and Advisory team for CoreLogic.

Why did you join Assurity?    

My personal philosophy is that “finding out what makes people happy and figuring out how to deliver to that is actually fundamental to business success” – a philosophy that holds true for colleagues and customers. I quickly realised that this philosophy is pretty close to Assurity’s values. I’m also coming in with a bunch to learn and that, for me, is the perfect role.

What will your role be at Assurity?

I’ll be taking the same general solutions and advisory role for the Agile team as Business Manager that I’ve described above – based on my philosophy that “finding out what makes people happy and figuring out how to deliver to that is actually fundamental to business success”. My role will be talking to customers to understand their key challenges and working with the Agile team and out colleagues to ensure we can deliver in a fit-for-purpose way.

Damien Leng, new Auckland Business Manager

What do few people know about you?

My family background tends to surprise people. My dad is Cantonese and my mum is English. My great grandfather immigrated to New Zealand in the 1800’s during the Otago Gold Rush and set up a general store in one of the Chinese settlements, during which he sponsored many of the early Chinese families to follow him across. Then there’s an increasingly colourful history including a period where my grandfather ran gambling dens and opium houses in Wellington’s notorious Haining Street. Comparatively, I’m far more boring.

An easy one… What makes you happy?

I try and live a happy life as a general rule. But the thing that always makes me smile are the little things my kids do that remind you that life is actually pretty simple and you don’t need much to be fulfilled. Watching my kids with a bucket and spade at the beach is one of those times you just have to smile.

What's your favourite place you've ever visited and why?

It’s normally a tie between two places – Iceland – because my wife and I went there with little or no expectations and it’s simply out of this world. And then there’s Tanzania due to the diversity of wonder (from the fantastic scenes of the Serengeti to the incredible waters and beaches of Zanzibar) and the amazing people.

What's your go-to song on Spotify?

I’m a dodgy 90’s grunge kid so I tend to default to Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Songs like Temple of the Dog’s Hunger Strike – an old-school collaboration between Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell – are pretty cool.

To talk Business Agility, email Damien or you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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