Launching our Auckland Twilight Sessions

Explore Assurity 20 April 2016 Vicky Price

We've launched a series of free events in Auckland to help businesses build awareness of modern techniques for improving delivery. Called 'Twilight Sessions', these monthly sessions will be delivered by our amazing home-grown talent and inspiring international speakers – all sharing their knowledge and experience to help improve the quality and speed of delivery within NZ businesses.

The following sessions have taken place or are scheduled to date:

March: Michael Bolton – How to get what you want from testing

31 March, 5.30-7.30pm. Event passed. Watch video here.

April: Gojko Adzic – Turning continuous delivery into competitive business advantage

12 April, 6-8pm. Event passed. Watch video here.

May: Ben Hayman – Why would anyone want their digital service to work like government's?

3 May, 5.30-7.30pm. Event passed. For C-level and execs only

Government isn’t known for innovation. If you want to be part of an energised, forward-thinking, unbureaucratic organisation that understands digital service delivery, surely government isn’t that place? How then was it possible for the UK Government to attract around 200 leading digital specialists from as far away as Silicon Valley to make digital services that are the envy of the private sector? And why are some digital agencies now being asked to make their clients' digital experiences "like"? 

In this twilight session, Ben reflects on what he learnt from the UK's Government Digital Service and from mentoring startups through venture capital to uncover the organisational DNA required to thrive and innovate. 

June: Ian Maple – Lessons from being stuck in Agile first gear

21 June, 6pm. I Heart Lounge, NZME, 2 Graham Street, Auckland 1010

Ian Maple, one of Silicon Valley's Agile masters, is coming to New Zealand to deliver a one-day course with Ian, plus this FREE Twilight Session. Agile adoption can be challenging, true Agile transformation even more so. Organisations embracing Agile can stall on the journey. If not addressed in a timely fashion, the risk to your transformation and organisational health can have dramatic impacts, even leading to regression from Agile. Teams like this need a way forward with management support that unlocks the benefits and not just the process of agility. 

In this free Twilight Session, Ian highlights some of the key patterns he has seen at organisations going through successful and stalled Agile transformations across Silicon Valley.