Lean Systems Software Conference, Boston 13-18 May

Explore Assurity 10 June 2012 Gillian Clark

In a world that’s teeming with innovation and ideas, we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques and our ability to deliver game-changing approaches to delivering software. Simply put, at Assurity, we want to give our clients the confidence to sustainably deliver value fast.

We keep ahead of the game in many ways, including attending various conferences throughout the world. In May, Gareth Evans, our Kanban Practice Lead attended – and presented at – the Lean Systems Software Conference (LSSC) in Boston. The LSSC focuses on debating the latest thinking in applying Lean techniques such as Kanban to shorten cycle time and deliver more value from software products.

Gareth presented on the Pattern Language of Flow, outlining successful flow-based strategies to build the right thing, improve quality, increase throughput or reduce the time it takes from the request of a feature to its delivery. Gareth’s presentation will be discussed in more detail later in other blog posts.

Throughout the session, attendees interacted via Twitter – global activity being lively for Gareth’s session as well as the wider conference itself (#lssc12). The Assurity team were also supporting Gareth and following the conference from New Zealand via Twitter. Here are some of the tweets:

@dpjoyce Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the proof.

@cgosimon When a Toyota Engineer plans a project, he doesn't schedule when he's going to do tasks, he schedules when he'll make decisions.

@benjaminm "We don't want to prevent or eliminate risk, we want to teach people how to take risk successfully" @DReinersten

@kjscotland “Project Management is like a child with a toy steering wheel pretending to drive the car” @DReinertsen

@imbertti @gareth__evans using the Cynefin framework in group to discuss about real cases #lssc12

Delegates’ reactions and feedback to the conference was consistently positive, particularly in terms of the quality and relevance of the presentations.

Yuval Yeret and Liz Keogh wrote excellent summaries of the conference. Watch out for further key messages and excerpts by Gareth in the next few weeks.

On a final note, let’s remember that:

Assurity coaches are on the same wavelength as the world’s leading thinkers.

Agile and Lean are here and here to stay. Let’s embrace the principles of flow and continuous learning and improvement all areas of our work and let’s see the results to match.