Michael Bolton heads to NZ for three workshops

Explore Assurity 10 December 2015 Vicky Price

Consulting software tester and testing teacher Michael Bolton is making a return visit to New Zealand at the end of March to present three workshops.

Michael last visited New Zealand two years ago when he presented two workshops. In early 2016, he will deliver three – Critical Thinking for Testers and Technical People, Rapid Software Testing and Rapid Software Testing for Managers.

Bookings are already being taken for the workshops:

Critical Thinking for Testers and Technical People

  • 24 March – Wellington
  • 30 March – Christchurch
  • 1 April – Auckland

In this one-day interactive, hands-on session, Michael Bolton shares the specific techniques and heuristics of critical thinking and presents realistic testing puzzles that help you practise and sharpen your critical thinking skills. Study and analyse product behaviours and experience new ways to identify, isolate, and characterise bugs. Critical thinking begins with just four questions – Huh? Really? And? and So? – that kickstart your brain to analyse specifications, risks, causes, effects, project plans etc.

Rapid Software Testing

  • 21 March – Wellington

This three-day, hands-on class teaches testing as a sophisticated thinking art. Rapid Software Testing is a complete methodology designed for today’s testing where we’re dealing with complex products, constant change and turbulent schedules. This class presents an approach to testing that begins with developing personal skills and extends to the ultimate mission of software testing – lighting the way of the project by evaluating the product. Michael is co-author – with senior author James Bach – of Rapid Software Testing, a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly and credibly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure.

Rapid Software Testing for Managers

  • 29 March – Christchurch
  • 31 March – Auckland

This one-day workshop at our Get Us Humming level will explore test management, your organisation’s context and how to respond to it. You’ll work through experiential exercises, puzzles and scenarios, along with short presentations, conversation and some actual testing and reporting.

Michael brings 25 years’ experience of testing, developing, managing and writing about software to his teaching. For the last 15 years, he has led DevelopSense, a Toronto-based testing and development consultancy.