New website, new vision

Explore Assurity 14 June 2012 Garth Hamilton

The launch of our new website represents much more than a simple re-expression of our business. We’re taking Assurity into the future by changing the nature of our offer in delivering quality software outcomes.

We've learnt, from growing to become New Zealand's largest independent test business, that relying on more and more people to test increasingly complex software is not efficient. For you and probably for the test industry too. Value is waning.

Testing won’t go away. It is an essential component of the software development lifecycle. But the increasing complexity and sophistication of software delivery means rethinking how we build software in the first place.

In the drive to deliver better value, there’s always a better way. And while we’re agnostic between approaches, we’re definitely not agnostic about improvement. If we think a different delivery approach will yield better value in your organisation, we will challenge the existing status quo and tell you about it.

Our thinking is now very much based upon Lean thinking practices. And taking a systems approach that extends beyond the IT department and out into the business.

It demands greater collaboration and scalability across the enterprise and the use of iterative software development practices and multi-functional teams to deliver sustainable value fast.

This might involve the use of many practices in our ‘toolbox’: Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration, Specification by Example, Continuous Delivery and, further ahead, DevOps. These different approaches will always involve testers too. But in new and more effective ways.

We’ve been developing and refining that ‘toolbox’ for four years. We’ve been watching the world. We’ve hired the best and most innovative talent. We’ve re-organised the way we’re structured. And we’ve run a number of projects that help prove the value of change.

This doesn't mean we are suggesting you take a blind leap of faith into a new world. We have the culture, leadership, experience and talent to help you make change happen – with total confidence.

We hope you enjoy our new site, especially the Community pages where we elaborate more on our thinking in blog posts and white papers. We value your comments greatly so let’s start a new conversation about a better, more confident future for software delivery.