Peter Sellars – the Visual Management virgin’s best friend

Explore Assurity 1 September 2014

Peter is hot on Visual Management. So much so that, in the middle of writing a blog about it, he persuaded the team that we should develop our own Visual Management Boards (aka Kanban boards) to give to clients. For free.

That was back in April. After six weeks of requirements gathering and design and development and testing – yes, we did that to our boards too – we got a product that felt right. We hit the ‘print’ button and Peter morphed his blog into a terrific instructional for visual management virgins.

The boards flew out of our three offices and his blog post has become one of the best read on our site. The good news is that we’re printing more boards. Lots more. And this time they come in nice boxes complete with stickies, the super-duper traffic light progress buttons we designed and even a marker. The total VMB package.

To those clients who have been asking for more boards, you’ll have them soon. If you’re coming to AgileNZ Conference 2014 however, you can have them sooner! To get your Conference hands on one, all you need to do is visit the Assurity stand and give us a quote about your AgileNZ experience. One delegate. One quote. One board. Them is the rules.

Better still, we’re flying the man himself down to AgileNZ to walk round Conference in a devilish T-shirt. You can’t miss him. So don’t hesitate to pull him up and have a conversation. He’ll probably start by saying it’s the simplest thing you can do to start improving how you deliver software. And we’re not to argue with that. After all, he is very persuasive.