Publishing success that’s part of a succession plan

Explore Assurity 11 August 2015

David Morris, Auckland Service Lead for Lean Business Analysis, has co-authored the latest edition of a book on Agile Project Management.

The ‘easy steps’ book has been published in the UK in its second edition, updating the first edition written by John Carroll, David’s father.

John, a retired project management consultant and educator, has written many books on project and time management in the ‘easy steps’ series. He has run projects and programmes across Europe and the US for organisations in most sectors including government, manufacturing, software development and higher education.

Agile Project Management in easy steps explains the key principles, techniques and processes to ensure Agile projects succeed, this latest edition updated to reflect recent progress and refinement of Agile methods.

“I was keen to give the book a little more balance as it was focused very much on DSDM” says David. “So we made Scrum the first method covered and I introduced others too, like Feature Driven Development, User Experience Design and, lastly, a new chapter on Agile Projects at Scale. As well as covering all the main scaled Agile frameworks, I was also able to introduce something of my own… Lean Governance”.

David’s contribution to this second edition is part of an agreed ‘succession plan’ between father, son and the publisher. “My father’s now in his mid-70s and didn't want to be working so hard, so we talked about me partnering on this edition of the book. Then, when it comes to the third edition, it will be all mine. I was naturally very excited about the possibility of collaborating on the book with my father.

“The publishers have now lined me up for future books – Business Analysis in easy steps and Scrum in easy steps”.

David has also contributed to a series of books including Agile Project Estimation and Planning, Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge and Business Analysis for Dummies. He also writes for several online publications including and His latest article covering our Lean Business Analysis Service has recently been published on ITBrief.

Agile Project Management in easy steps is available for pre-order on to be published on 1 September.