R9 Accelerator kick starts 3+

New Thinking 16 January 2017 staff

R9 Accelerator is kicking off 2017 with two events – a Mix and Mingle event on 17 January at Creative HQ and R9 Rev Up, a free weekend event on 28/29 January for people interested in participating in 3+.

A govtech accelerator, R9 Accelerator is a Better for Business initiative that unites teams of innovators to develop products and services that make it easier for businesses to interact with New Zealand government.

It was started to test new ways of sourcing and procuring innovative solutions to problems in government. Working with their partners of nine government agencies and five private sector partners, teams of creative innovators from the public and private sectors are selected to go through an in-residence accelerator. They then have three months to dive deep into their opportunity areas and understand the problems and identify solutions that will meet customers’ needs.

The R9 Rev Up event is the second of six stages as follows:

  1. Opportunities identified
  2. R9 Rev Up
  3. Team application and selection
  4. Accelerate
  5. Demo Day
  6. Post Accelerator Support Programme

While the accelerator model has been used in the private sector to speed up the development of startups, R9 Accelerator is a unique hybrid model marking the first time NZ government has joined up with the private sector to run a large-scale, cross-agency, co-design accelerator using Lean Startup and Agile methodologies.