Return of The Agile Facilitator

Explore Assurity 4 May 2016 Vicky Price

Following the success of last year's Agile Facilitator workshop, Leslie Stein is returning to New Zealand in May to facilitate the two-day course in Auckland and Christchurch (23-24 May and 26-27 May respectively).

The Agile Facilitator – Catalysing Collaboration, Delivering Results is for experienced Agilists who wish to dramatically increase their facilitation skills in general and focuses on professional facilitation skills and techniques applied specifically within the Agile context. The workshop is specifically for:

  • Beginning ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers or Iteration Managers wellversed in the Agile basics and who have experienced an Agile team
  • Experienced ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers or Iteration Managers
  • Agile Coaches who want increased facilitation skills and results
  • Anyone interested in bringing more rigour and structure to their facilitation of Agile ceremonies and other collaborative events

Accredited by ICAgile, after successful completion you can apply for ICAgile Professional continuing education certifications in Team Facilitation, provided you meet ICAgile’s prerequisites. See full information under 'Certifications'.

About Leslie Stein

Leslie – from the Agile Coaching Institute – has done just about everything, living a non-linear path that's given her opportunities to travel the world, study human dynamics and live life to the full – including seven years as an Aviation officer flying CH-47D Chinook helicopters.

Her company – Full Circle Inspiration – focuses on inspiring groups and individuals to look for new perspectives when the ones they're stuck in aren't working anymore. Her passion is to bring innovation to teams in order to help them use their own brilliance to improve communication and enhance success.

Last year's course attendees said...

"This course covers basic to advanced facilitation techniques. It was an engaging course and hands-on from the very start. I learnt so much over the two days and still use many of the skills a year on from doing the course. The presenters were world-class and top of their field and it was a real treat to have them share their knowledge and experience in NZ. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their facilitation skills"
Jared Davies, Fraedom

"Teaching adults is surprisingly similar to teaching children. Don't laugh! I witnessed this when I attended The Agile Facilitator course with Lyssa Atkins and Leslie Stein. Mature, accomplished business people, jumping at the chance to earn gold stars for answering questions. Kids... I mean adults!... leaping up, shouting and clapping to keep the energy up in the room"

"Phew! What an adventure! One of the fastest paced, intensive courses I have ever been on. At the same time, I felt full of energy and focused the entire time. My meetings are now filled with doing, not talking and I have become so much more productive"
Megan Styles, Scrum Master, Assurity

"The Agile Facilitator’s course was like a shot in the arm for me. Leslie and Lyssa reminded me why I had got into this field in the first place by creating a truly inspirational learning environment for us. Back at work at Fraedom, I feel it has made me more generous, more aware, as well as more receptive to all kinds of stuff. It has also prompted me to celebrate each win, big or small and to take up as a challenge, each loss, while being challenged by it. I totally recommend this course!"
Jenny Aldrin, Scrum Master, Fraedom