Steph Cooper to present at BA Development Day

explore-assurity 18 November 2013 Steph Cooper

This year’s BA Development Day theme of ‘Creating Value – The Innovative BA’ offered the ideal opportunity for Steph Cooper to talk to NZ’s BA community about some of the work we've been doing with our clients recently.

The event, to be held at Te Papa on Thursday (21 November), is organised by IIBA NZ volunteers who are passionate about improving the profession of business analysis in New Zealand.

We’re seeing a growing demand for companies looking to get early delivery of value and searching for new project approaches to enable them to do that.

Called ‘Better, Faster Business Decisions’, Steph’s presentation is based around the fact that the biggest waste in software development is "building the wrong thing", with 64 percent of software features never or rarely used (Poppendiecks). BA’s can play a critical role in helping companies to learn more quickly what works – and discard what doesn't.

Using innovative techniques such as 'safe-to-fail' experiments, steel threads and minimum viable products, BA’s can help teams get the fast feedback required to deliver business value.

These techniques are being used successfully in a range of environments – from two-man startups to the Office of the CTO of the United States. Drawing on examples from a number of companies she’s worked with, Steph will show attendees how they can apply these techniques in their projects.

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