Surprise, surprise. A not-so testing week at Assurity

Explore Assurity 24 April 2017 Pete Savage

My first few days at a new employer are always a little nerve-wracking, but not for the obvious reasons of learning ‘the company way’ or meeting new people. For me, it’s about seeing if all the conversations I had at interview about the ‘exciting future ahead’ were genuine or just ‘all talk’.

In this case, my first week at Assurity was a nice surprise. It looks like the business is walking that talk. The general enthusiasm within the Auckland branch, combined with the launch of its newly minted Design Thinking service, strikes me as exactly the kind of energy, optimism and activity that really does make the future exciting.

The second surprise was to find a great testing team here. While testing is the backbone of Assurity’s Wellington activity, I always thought it was Agile in Auckland. I think many people do! But I’m here to change that.

I aim to do it by bringing leadership to, and shining a light on a Testing team that really does want to make a difference to project outcomes. It’s about using their talent to help clients think and work in new ways that help transform testing experience and practice in an organisation.

Living its values

If you think that that’s ‘all talk’, it’s not and here’s the third surprise: I think Assurity is really trying to live its values. Thought leadership, challenging the status quo, valuing the potential in people and truly aiming to delight clients are at the heart of everything. Assurity’s ‘fly home time’ is just one example of living the values. It gets the team together to collaborate, learn and think anew.

I have a strong belief that if you truly desire to make a difference, you have the right talent, you treat them well, listen and support them, this translates to great work for clients. And judging by the enthusiasm and team spirit I’ve seen so far, it’s working for everyone. That’s why, when I look at my test team, I don’t see ‘bodies as a resource to be shopped’. I see people who care about bringing clients real value based on living the company’s values. Values which are my own too.

So I’m really excited to be here, I’m truly excited by the future and finding opportunities to make a difference to our clients. You could be one of them. Just remember, if you call me asking for testing resources, don’t be surprised if I suggest that we can offer you so much more than ‘bums on seats’.