Talking quality with Government Test Professionals

Explore Assurity 19 April 2013 Nigel Charman

On 14 May 2013, Edwin Dando and Nigel Charman will present at the Government Test Professionals’ Forum in Wellington.

Edwin will present an analysis of software project failure in NZ that he commissioned in 2011. The objective of the study was to compare localised software project failure against international studies to determine if there is anything unique about software projects in NZ. It asked questions such as ‘Why are we failing?’, ‘How badly?’, ‘What’s causing this?’ and ‘Is it the same overseas or is there something unique here?’.

The survey collected data from 28 organisations of various sizes, including 18 software companies, three universities, a government organisation, a healthcare company and a non-profit organisation. The results showed that while projects in NZ share some similarities with those overseas, they also have a number of unique characteristics relevant to NZ’s optimistic ‘no worries’ culture and ‘can-do’ attitude.

The presentation will also highlight the key constant failure points and discuss how contemporary agile techniques can help address them.

Nigel will talk about ‘Continuous Validation: Embedding Quality into Software’. Moving testing to earlier in the lifecycle and running end-to-end checks on each change enables frequent delivery of high-quality software.

As a precursor to Continuous Delivery, setting up a Continuous Validation pipeline provides a strong foundation for building quality in and allows testers to focus on high value-added testing.

Nigel will present a simple validation pipeline using open-source tools and discuss the impacts of such an approach.