The Samurai vs the Spice Grinder Mindset

new-thinking 14 November 2016 staff

In the October issue of Tea-time with Testers, Test Lead Sunjeet Khokar talks about the path and pressures that led him to his consulting role with Assurity in Christchurch and the difference it’s made to his career so far.

Starting with a link to a talk by David Foster Wallace, Sunjeet continues…

“Wallace’s talk makes so much sense to me, i.e. in the hustle of achieving outcomes and shipping better software for our clients and customers, we ignore the ‘obvious’ things in work and personal life. We take a lot of pride in our ability to get lots done, in our ability to be busy and go ‘the extra mile’ for our clients and customers. We fear that we are never doing enough to support our team and keep them motivated and fulfilled. We dread the perceptions that will be created if we are risk averse (‘move fast and break things’), we wonder what will happen to our careers if we say “No” (‘smart and get things done’). We take pride and contentment in being busy in our work lives, but why aren’t we equally proud of being unbusy?”

Read Sunjeet’s full article ‘The Samurai vs The Spice Grinder Mindset’…

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