Turning a single JIRA status column into a Scrum board

Explore Assurity 10 October 2016 Rose Camp

On a recent assignment, I was responsible for testing changes in a System Integration Test (SIT) environment. All the JIRA tickets under test needed to remain in the ‘SIT Testing’ status column of the Scrum board for a couple of sprints. Only when the full set of JIRAs was considered ready, could the JIRA be moved into the next status column (i.e. UAT Testing). This meant that the SIT Testing column held JIRAs that needed to be tested, were being tested or had been tested.  

The columns on the JIRA Scrum board looked something like this (text blurred for privacy reasons)…


The new dashboard gives everyone visibility of the work remaining and makes it easy for testers to come in and pick a JIRA from the ‘SIT Ready to Test’ filter.

General monitoring of the status of all SIT JIRAs is greatly improved. A big bonus is that we can label JIRAs that aren’t currently in the SIT Testing queue, but we know they’re coming (e.g. fixes) so we can include the planned hours of work on them into our dashboard.

Yes, there is a bit of overhead in ensuring that the statuses and remaining hours are updated – but that’s a small price to pay for giving meaning to the SIT Testing queue.