Visual modelling

Explore Assurity 29 October 2014 Katrina Clokie

After attending a lunchtime Lean Testing workshop on visual modelling, Jessica Hubbard and Alice Chu decided to apply what they learned on their client site. They created a visual test coverage model for their regression test suite using XMind. Jessica says this provided the testers with “a really clear way to see all our coverage and the ability to drill down to see more system detail”.

Adopting visual modelling has had benefits beyond testing. It also improved relationships in the team. The visual model made it easier for the business analysts and developers to get a clear picture of test coverage, which meant that they were able to give their feedback on it. Jessica says, “They have responded really well to this because it has been so easy for them to see what we’re doing”. The Business Analysts are also using the models to inform their User Acceptance Testing.

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