We work all along the software pipeline

Explore Assurity 1 September 2014 Darren McTigue

When setting up Assurity, our objective was to build a great company. Our ambition was to really make a difference for our customers who wanted to get better software quality outcomes. In building the company, we worked hard to find great people, to build relationships with great technology solutions providers and looked across the world for what was good industry practice. 

We achieved our objective. We have a great company. However, we have still not achieved our ambition. How do you really get good software quality delivered? Quality should not be just looked at for the life of a project, quality should be delivered with the life of the software in mind.

Some three years ago, having been the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff in so many projects, we knew that if we really wanted to make a difference, then we needed to look at how the industry improves across the spectrum of the Software Development Lifecycle. 

Improving the quality of the delivered software means that we need to find better ways to engage with the business. Building the right thing is a wonderful step to better quality. Building it right means finding ways to help translate ideas from the business into delivered software that works, and works well.  

We need to allow the business to recognise and respond to the unknown unknowns. We need to help developers engineer ideas and concepts into architecture. We need to help PMO’s and those responsible for governance to be able to manage risks and change. And we need to find ways to help developers use infrastructure and engage with operations and release in as automated a way as possible. 

Every point of the SDLC can be improved and we should find ways to engage in this conversation. It is scary for some people to change. However, to not change and improve is wrong and will only lead to fear, uncertainty and doubt and increased silo mentality.  

Our industry is on a wonderful new journey. We hear about big data, massive scale, incredible new technologies and see so many new styles of technology emerging. I am glad we have the scale and breadth of company we do as it really allows us to engage with customers to help find better ways to deliver great outcomes. Whether we ever fulfil our ambition, I am not sure. But we will enjoy the journey and I look forward to engaging in the conversations that can make a real difference at every point of the SDLC.