Wellington Testing Professionals’ Network

explore-assurity 5 April 2012

Location: Level 1 Optimation House, Grey Street, Wellington

Date: 17 April 2012

Forces are increasingly pushing testing teams into establishing and maintaining a test capability that can be tested in a GUI-less environment.

What do we mean by forces? Time to market, budget, methodologies such as SOA, end of life responses such as Application Modernisation and the Composite Applications they deliver, exposure of services in B2B solutions etc.

As testers and test teams, how do we respond? Do we capitulate these quality responsibilities? Or leave it to the developers and vendors? Cling onto a narrow spit of time and task that is GUI-specific and user acceptance? Or accept the challenge?

Simon is not an IT Kupe… or even an IT Cook. But he does work with people who have followed the Kupes and Cooks and gathered them together to form a panel to talk through what they did to address the challenge.

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