WeTest puts Gojko's ideas to the test

Explore Assurity 16 February 2015 Katrina Clokie

Last Tuesday, Gojko Adzic presented to a full house of 130+ people at the Wellington City Art Gallery on the topic of ‘Taking the business on a journey’.

Organised by Assurity as part of Gojko’s course tour in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, Gojko spoke of how industry-leading teams engage their business users, build trust and share the responsibility for quality.

The major theme of the presentation was how many IT departments operate in an Agile fashion, while the business around them remains waterfall. Gojko shared many anecdotes and stories about the successes organisations achieve when the business and technology departments are aligned on an Agile journey together.

The following evening, WeTest Workshops met for a Post-Gojko Deep Dive where testers gathered to further explore some of Gojko’s ideas including topics like:

  • Multi-versioning and feature flags
  • Water-Scrum-fall
  • Continuous delivery making people feel entitled to new features
  • De-coupling deploy and release
  • Re-wiring testing to address business goals rather than written requirements

Attendees then networked over pizza and drinks provided by Assurity.

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