Why Agile Facilitation is important for you and your team

Explore Assurity 18 December 2017 Bruce Keightley

Agile Facilitation is a crucial aspect of Agile transformation in the workplace, but sometimes it can disappear under the radar or get lost within wider Agile training.

Recognising that it needs its own course – as opposed to being a learning outcome of another – we’ve developed The Agile Facilitator to cater to the needs of current Agile project managers and others working in an Agile team.

Endorsed by leading Agile experts, Leslie Stein and Lyssa Adkins of The Agile Coaching Institute, taking an Agile Facilitation course is important for the development of today’s Agile practitioners into tomorrow’s Agilist leaders.

Why? The hard truth is that people don’t run meetings well. Or at least, they can be run much more effectively and efficiently to deliver better outcomes for the business. Therefore, workplaces need their people to be equipped with Agile skills and abilities to help produce effective outcomes from these meetings and ceremonies. Agile facilitation is a powerful tool when used correctly.

The Agile Facilitator course is not only suitable for existing facilitators and leaders but for the whole team. One person trained in Agile facilitation will make the whole group more effective, while everyone trained will amplify the team to the next level and elevate everyone’s ability to make an impact. Learning different Agile facilitation tactics and strategies will make the whole group think differently about the topic, whatever that may be.

Most importantly, Agile Facilitation teaches a key mindset shift when it comes to meetings and ceremonies – from the idea of running a meeting to one of facilitating a meeting to get great results from the team.

So, if you’re looking to develop your facilitation skills and get the best out of your team, find out more about our Agile Facilitator course and keep an eye out for future course dates to be scheduled in the New Year.