Why we’re here. And where we’re going

Explore Assurity 4 September 2014 Garth Hamilton

We launched Assurity as a software testing business back in 2005. Today, while testing remains a big part of what we do, we’ve extended our services up and down the software lifecycle and beyond it. 

The reason we’ve done that lies in understanding why we’re in business in the first place. Software testing is about improving quality. The key word here is ‘improving’ and not ‘quality’. We’re in business to be improvers because that’s what we’re passionate about. If we were just concerned with ‘quality’, we’d still be just a software testing business.

We were fortunate that testing gave us a good vantage point of the whole SDLC. We began to see the frustrations of delivery teams up and down the line on all manner of projects and the impact this was having on the end users. We couldn’t sit idly by and NOT get involved in helping improve delivery end-to-end. 

Improve. Transform. Start now

So we’re building our business on that basis and because of that motivation. Our call to action to clients is to ‘Improve the world you live in. Or transform to a new one’We can help clients do either. And they can start their improvement or transformation journeys from anywhere along the SDLC. As soon as they start, they’ll begin to see improvements across every one of the four software outcomes that matter today – Quality, Speed, Productivity, Engagement. 

Our services are specifically built to help clients improve, transform and deliver those outcomes. We’ll always build those services step by small step to ensure that, as we broaden our offer, we build real capability in-depth. This means understanding customer need, exploring what’s happening across the world, then finding the best talent to deliver. Recent examples of new services include Lean Testing and DevOps and we have many more in the pipeline.

We have been on a journey since 2005 to get where we are and I know that we’ll never be finished. Those years have actually been about growing and improving Assurity with like-minded people. We’re a very different business now, but it’s been achieved, as I said, step by small step. There’s something important in that for our clients and New Zealand too. Building something better doesn’t have to be about big, one-step changes. Starting on a journey and making incremental changes is doing something right. Just start!

Small steps reap big rewards, sooner or later

This also informs our view of Inland Revenue’s (IR) much talked about transformation project. (For the record, Assurity is IR’s test partner). IR is on a 10-year journey. Now, is that a long time or a short time? It doesn’t matter. Rejoice in the fact that it’s started, it’s happening and software outcomes will start improving. In a decade, software delivery in IR will be unrecognisable. 

Journeys of improvement are always among the most exciting and most rewarding, even if they are not the most obvious or dramatic. As we work across New Zealand, we’re heartened by the number of organisations that have started new journeys. The scale on which it’s happening is sure to drive improvements in our nation’s performance and that’s the real reward – the big one – the one that we care about most. For us, there’s no better reason to be in business.