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When it set about transforming a core legacy application, financial services software provider Argos realised the Agile methodology would help achieve the desired results faster while delivering a fit-for-purpose solution. With this being its first major Agile project, Argos looked to Assurity Consulting for an Agile capability uplift engagement, with the result that its ‘Project Leapfrog’ is now progressing smoothly and ready to take Argos into a bright future.

Outcomes achieved

  • Improved confidence in achieving rollout to minimum viable product and introducing the new product to customers.
  • Helped upskill and mature Argos’ Agile capability rapidly
  • Increased velocity in product development.

“Assurity has brought clarity and coaxed out the issues so we can tackle them with confidence. They have helped upskill and mature our Agile capability rapidly, and that means Project Leapfrog is on track to deliver many of the enhanced features we envisioned.”

Roger Heale

General Manager

Argos Solutions


Rather than delivering a workshop, Assurity instead recommended coaching, where its consultants worked directly alongside and within the Argos team, observing and providing support as required. This process rapidly elevated Argos’ team’s Agile capabilities and improved the understanding from a product owner perspective into understanding user requirements, so they are better delineated, and then breaking down stories into smaller pieces which allow for easier adoption.

Outcomes delivered

Through its engagement with Assurity Consulting, the team at Argos has considerably improved confidence in achieving rollout to the minimum viable product – which is itself named Leapfrog – and ultimately, introducing the new product to customers.

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