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“This really showed the value of engaging with a multi-competency consultancy. They recognised an opportunity for us and rapidly demonstrated further value.”

Penn Trevella

GM, Customer Experience and Innovation

Auckland Live


  • To gain deep insight into the current customer experience of Auckland Live and its events.
  • To inform the design of a new Customer Relationship Management platform.


  • Mapped out a 2-phase approach around customer research to bring integrity to the insights factoring in the impact of Covid.
  • Analysis and cleansing of existing Auckland Live data sets and dashboard play back of the results to inform the project through quantitative analysis.
  • In-depth qualitative insights, through direct customer interviews (in-depth, intercept and shadowing) to form key themes and areas for improvement.

Outcomes delivered

  • A comprehensive 24 key step Customer Insights and Journey Map across the five phases: from Pre-Purchase, Purchase, Post-Purchase, Day of the Event, and Post-Event.
  • Mapping of existing communication channels and pathway of customer enquiries coming into Auckland Live.
  • Previous, relevant data-event information now able to inform and support the extensive qualitative findings, enabling richer insight.
  • Interactive share-back of project outcomes across key stakeholder groups to ensure understanding, buy-in and value maximisation for Auckland Live staff, and providing them accurate insight to enable them to creating and delivering a great experience for their customers.
  • Prioritisation metrics identifying key pain-points for solutioning.